Weekly Social Pulse, 2017 HOLIDAY EDITION

Happy Winter Solstice! It’s officially winter today, the days will get longer, and apparently our life expectancy decreased, too….. Goodbye 2017.

Here are some holiday goodies we’ve been tracking around the social web this week…

Lastly, have you been playing Whamageddon?

  • The 1st Rule: The objective is to go as long as possible without hearing WHAM’s holiday classic “Last Christmas.”
  • The 2nd Rule: The game starts on December 1st, and ends at midnight on December 24th.
  • The 3rd Rule: Only the original version applies. Enjoy yourself some remixes and covers.
  • The 4th Rule: You’re out as soon as you recognize the song.
  • Bonus Rule: Post on social media with the #whamageddon hashtag when you get hit.

And I’m out already… And now so are you! #whamageddon