Weekly Social Pulse, Week of 11/13

Cards Against Humanity Trump Wall: This holiday season Cards Against Humanity is saving America. They bought up a piece of the land on the border of the US and Mexico and retained a law firm to make it as difficult possible for the wall to be built. Let’s just say Twitter went wild. (LINK)

Twitter parties = modern day Tupperware parties: Brands are working with influencers to host these hour-long parties and facilitate discussion around branded content as well as give away product to random participants. Yes, it’s 2017 and we’re talking about Twitter parties. But it shows people are still acting on their basic need for connection and consumption — and marketers are taking advantage of it.  (LINK)


New Google Maps: Google Maps is getting a partial redesign and colorful update. Google is trying to make it easier for us to find new places with designated icons and colors for different types of destinations. Think coffee shop vs. gas station vs. metro stop. Look for these changes in the next couple weeks! (LINK)


Facebook Mentions is now Facebook Creator: Facebook launched a revamp of their 2014 Mentions app. This new rollout gives influencers all the tools for content creation and community management as Facebook tries to meet a new video objective they’re calling “time well spent.” They want to make Facebook video more appealing than watching TV and using content creators to do it. The previous app used to be available only to verified public figures and pages, but it’s now open to any Facebook user. (LINK)


Thanksgiving social stunts: Brands are gearing up for the holiday and we’re totally here for it. This year, Pringles (LINK) is bringing us an entire Thanksgiving dinner reimagined as chips and Stove Top (LINK) is supplying crazy extendable pants – and  they’ve already sold out.