Weekly Social Pulse, Week of 10/31

Dole’s Lawyers Wade Into Social Brandjacking: Instagram meme king Adam the Creator created a hilarious meme featuring parody “fun-size” bags of mini-salads Dole supposedly created as a healthier Halloween treat. And then, as tends to happen, the lawyers got involved. But this time the legal counsel got into the act, crafting a hilarious warning letter designed for social pickup. Dole’s tweet gained more than 160,000 views, making it the most popular social media tweet the company has ever tracked. Outlets ranging from The Boston Globe to CTV covered Dole’s response to the gag. Hey, it’s better than pencils or fruit, right? (LINK)

Burger Emoji Debate: debate sparked on Twitter this week regarding the burger emoji and the order in which the ingredients are supposed to be assembled. Apple and Google seem to have differing opinions and it has led to quite the conversation. Does the cheese go on top of the patty or underneath? Frankly, we’ve never seen a burger built in the fashion Google portrays it. Call us purists. Even Snapchat got in on the action with an adorable AR burger that melted our cheesy hearts and aligned with our core beliefs. Where do you stand on all of this? You should tweet about it. The Internet wants to know. (LINK)

Advertising + Augmented Reality: This week we were transported into the famous living room from Stranger Things, thanks to a sponsored 3D World Lenses for the popular Netflix series. As the leader in mainstreaming augmented reality experiences, Snapchat continues to push AR adoption through compelling brand integrations like this. Also this week, we got some real data from Barcardi, who released a case study from their summer AR lens promotion with Major Lazer where users could be the stars of their own music videos — 18 million of them used it in a 24-hour period, amassing 42 million views. We work closely with Snap on their AR innovations and are excited to see where they’re headed next – and working with them to pioneer new uses for this new technology. (LINK)

iPhone X Animojis: Make way for the new generation of emojis– animojis. These dynamic 3D emojis use Apple’s facial recognition tech to mimic your expression and place it on a handful of the original emojis. There are twelve in total to pick from such as the unicorn, poop face, or fox. It can even record your voice to send ten second voice recordings. So far, people are loving it. We’re already seeing animoji karaoke taking off on Twitter. Our iPhone X’s just arrived today, so as soon as we UNLOCK THEM WITH OUR FACES, we’ll be sharing some Animojis soon. (LINK)

Mush Mush Mush: This week we’re obsessed with this Instagram post that’s going viral featuring Kevin Freshwater, a scoundrel who ruins his friend’s Instagram-perfect plates just before they can snap a pic. It’s so evil, and yet so satisfying. We dare you to try it this weekend and report back. We wil, too.