Weekly Social Pulse, Week of 10/16

“Me Too” and Cross-Stitch Memes: Following the national conversation spurred by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, millions of women came forward to share their sexual assault stories on their timelines, in hopes it will give the men around them a sense of the scale and “normalization” of the sexual assault they experience on a daily basis. Some men responded poorly, others responded proactively with #HowIWillChange, but one of the worst things we saw was this necklace. Many shared a cross-stitch that said “Boys Will Be Boys” (with “Boys” crossed out and replaced by “will be held accountable for their f—king actions”). Vogue tracked down the original creator — Shannon Downey, aka @badasscrossstitch. The combined Instagram following of the celebrities who shared it is more than 21 million, and that doesn’t factor in everyone else. Why did it spread? It’s unexpected. It’s a remix of an idiom we all know. It’s shareable, meaningful; oh, and it’s cross-stitch. (LINK)


Booking Work Travel? There’s an emoji for that! Marriot scored a headline by partnering with Slack to enable business travel booking via the thumbs up emoji. When teams are making plans within Slack’s chat feature, they simply need to provide their city and dates to receive a plethora of options. Everyone in the chat is then able to vote via Slack’s emoji options. We’ve seen other brands riff on Dominos’ AnyWare, but this is a cool way for a hotel chain to appeal to the younger, tech-savvy business traveler. 👍 (LINK)


Fake Klay Thompson Wins #SportsSocial: This week SeatGeek, a seat-selling website, broke the Internet with their sponsorship of a BigDawsTV (2.9 million subscribers) YouTube prank starring Fake Klay Thompson attending a Golden State Warriors game, taking pictures with fans, and sitting directly behind the real Klay Thompson – which made for quality TV moments. You may know Daws from his Drive-Thru Person Swap prank and others. The Fake Klay video is already at more than 1 million views and hit every sports round-up possible this week. Watch out, Ticketmaster!  (LINK)


HQ Trivia: A new live trivia gameshow hit the App Store this week, called HQ. Brought to you by the creators of Vine (RIP), the game features a fun and energetic host that goes live every day at 3PM and 9PM Eastern. Participants answer a series of multiple choice questions within 10 seconds. Only correct answers move forward until the end where the winners share a cash prize (today’s is $250). They’re currently throwing around ideas for prizes that aren’t necessarily cash, which could be interesting for branded opportunities. Be sure to download the app and turn on notifications for when the show goes live. See you at 3PM! (LINK)


Still Need a Halloween Costume? This week, in the biggest meme-fueled costume play since Left Shark, Snap debuted adancing hot dog costume on Amazon for $79.99. As you remember, the dancing hot dog emerged earlier this year when Snapchat rolled out an augmented reality filter that simply crushed news feeds. Since then, the hotdog has moved to Bitmoji and been embraced as one of the top memes of 2017. And now you can trick or treat as one, too. According to the description, it’s “Made of 100% beef, but never starts it!” (LINK)