Weekly Social Pulse, Week of 7/31

Can’t Get More Culturally-Relevant Than This: Did you know that fidget spinners were disrupting classrooms over 4,000 years ago? No, not really. However, the comparisons have been drawn between an artifact and the modern version. We’re guessing bands weren’t putting their albums on spinners back then. Either way, it’s super wild if you ask us. LINK


Twitter Subscription: Earlier this week, Twitter revealed plans for testing a subscription-based version of the platform. Not to be confused with their promoted tweets tool, this new feature enables users to receive better visibility of their content in the feeds of their followers along with a higher frequency of their profile appearing in searches – all of which is decided by Twitter. This is an interesting move that appears to be targeted at small to medium-sized businesses and influencers looking to get better reach and engagement. But I’m not sure we’re shelling out $99 bucks for Twitter just yet. LINK


Instagram Stories Surpass Snapchat: As it turns a year old, it was announced that Instagram Stories now enjoy more daily users than Snapchat’s. We’ve all been watching the line become blurred between the two platforms, and with it came a significant portion of Snapchat’s user base. Ultimately, it all came down to the convenience of using the features of Snapchat in Instagram where the majority of people of all ages spend their time. LINK


#Humblebrag: Our own Director of Innovation, Marty Wetherall, talks about conversation design in the age of voice technology. As it moves beyond the techies and early adopters, screenless tech gets us more psyched each month. LINK