What’s your algorithmic content strategy? LA Times and AP have one

First a robot wrote an LA Times article about an earthquake. Now the AP will have a robot write baseball articles.

Rather than fear or dismiss this, I’m interested in thinking through how algorithm-based editorial could be used on the branded content side at scale. And from a hyper-localization perspective.

We shouldn’t discount the need for humans in the editorial mix, but we shouldn’t overly rely on it just because we always have.

Automated Insights, a company that provides language generation software to The Associated Press and other organizations, announced Wednesday the news cooperative will use the software to produce thousands of stories about collegiate sports.

The Associated Press will begin publishing automatically generated sports stories this spring, beginning with Division I baseball, according to a press release.

“This new partnership will allow AP to cover more college sports of interest to our members and their audiences,” said Barry Bedlan, AP’s deputy director of sports products. “This will mean thousands of more stories on the AP wire, which will remain unmatched in the industry. Every college sports town will have some level of coverage.”

via AP will use software to write NCAA game stories | Poynter..