Alfred Spector on How Google Does Fundamental Research Without a Separate Research Lab

If you dig Brian Eno’s concept of Scenius, you’ll surely appreciate Google’s approach to innovation in 2014 by tapping into many minds from a like-minded community and fostering creativity by matching “thinkers” with the “doers.”

Last summer it was widely reported Google was shifting away from the 20 percent time approach, but it appears they are instead embedding people working on fundamental research into the core business… which “makes it possible for Google to encourage creative contributions from workers who would typically be far removed from any kind of research and development.”

“There doesn’t need to be a protective shell around our researchers where they think great thoughts,” says [Alfred Spector] Spector.

“It’s a collaborative activity across the organization; talent is distributed everywhere.”

via Alfred Spector, How Google Does Fundamental Research Without a Separate Research Lab | MIT Technology Review.

What is your organization doing to foster innovation, creativity and collaboration across its scenius?