Early VTech smartwatch for kids has a good price point, features

This VTech KidiZoom Smart Watch has “a 1.4-inch touchscreen that incorporates built-in motion sensors and digital tools alongside traditional timekeeping. The watch itself can switch from a digital to analog clock, with customizable wallpaper behind it, and also has the ability to support taking photos, videos, and playing games.”

The price is excellent, at $50. I do wish it had GPS so I could track my kid, and although it may increase the price point (or have a monthly fee), it would be worth it. We’ve had issues of not being able to find our son in the neighborhood after he gets off the bus (he was hidden, playing behind a snow drift last time). Seems like adding tracking functionality is not far off in kid products (beyond chipping your kid or buying a child a Pebble or Kreyos or Gear or the rumored Apple and Google Watches won’t be affordable or have the intuitive interface an elementary child needs).

As for VTech products, we have many. They are hardy, but don’t seem to last much longer than 12 months of average abuse. But after a year, the technology has changed and a new product makes sense anyway. Again, at the $50 price point, that isn’t really a factor.

PSFK: Smartwatch For Kids Introduces Wearable Tech At An Early Age.