A big day for advancements in real-time publishing via wearable technology

Weber Shandwick’s Ozzy Farman demos wpForGlass, a new plugin developed by the team at Weber Shandwick

The innovation team I co-lead at Weber Shandwick has been leaning forward into advancements in wearable technology, building sandbox experiences, and helping put these emerging trends into context for our clients and colleagues.

Today marked the public debut of one of those sandbox projects, with the launch of wpForGlass, a WordPress plugin that allows Google Glass Explorers to publish to WordPress-powered content portals (20% of the web runs on WordPress).

Here’s some of the coverage this news earned today:

You can find out more about this project on our Labs site:

We’ve got more projects in the works, too! An exciting time for technology + communications + content.

Also, it’s an exciting time to work at Weber Shandwick, and we try to have fun experiment, too. And take selfies. Lots of selfies.

Ozzy Farman and Greg Swan wearing Google Glass

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