More examples of anti-consumerism advertising selling consumerism

In the spirit of my post on How advertising turned anti-consumerism into a weapon, you have to check out what Burger King is doing with preroll ads.

Everybody hates preroll ads, so they did 64 preroll ads about how bad preroll ads are: Burger King has a Counterintuitive Solution to Your Deep Hatred of Pre-Roll Ads.

Burger King Preroll

This is exactly what that Aeon article is about!!!

These ads want to be our friends — to empathise with us against the tyranny of the corporate world they inhabit. Just when we thought we’d cottoned on to subliminal advertising, personalised sidebars on web pages, advertorials and infomercials, products started echoing our contempt for them. ‘Shut up!’ we shout at the TV, and the TV gets behind the sofa and shouts along with us.

As a consumer, I love the subversive and disruptive nature of this strategy. As a marketer, I see the bar being raised further yet again. Time to step it up!

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