Your address isn’t private, sorry

Matt Rosoff puts the whole Path/Apple Contacts/privacy issue into perspective…

If you own a house in most places in the U.S., anybody can go down to the county records office and not only find out where you live, but also how much you paid for your house and how much you sold it for 10 years later. Its a matter of public record.

Guess who else knows where you live:

Any company who employed you while you live where you live now.

Your bank — who also knows how much money you spent last month and has a pretty good idea where you spent it.

Your credit card company — who also knows what you bought and how much you paid.

Every magazine you’ve ever subscribed to, and every catalog and junk mail purveyor they’ve sold your address to.

The IRS, DMV, and any other government agency you’re forced to interact with.

Your doctor, lawyer, accountant, dentist, plumber, electrician, and any other professional with whom you have a business relationship.

Your mom, whos about to pay you a surprise visit and stay for a whole month.

How do you know that these people are all storing your address on a secure server thats locked in a room somewhere? You dont! You have no idea! Your mom might write your address on every Christmas card she sends. Some nutjob at the DMV may be staring at your photo and wondering if he can drive by your house right now. Your dentist just reported you to a collection agency for non-payment of bills.

Unless youve taken extreme measures, your address is pretty close to public information already.

via THE TRUTH ABOUT ONLINE PRIVACY: Who Cares? – Business Insider.