I just sent a fax through Google Glass

“Ok Glass, send a fax”

first fax through google glass

first fax sent through google glass

While waiting to board a flight from MSP to NYC this morning I was tweeting back and forth with Greg Osterdyk about Google Glass. Greg is a friend and co-founder of The Fax Guys, one of the leading fax automation companies. I mentioned that Glass doesn’t fax, and he countered that it’s actually quite easy for anyone with an email address to send faxes these days.

BOOM. By the time I landed in NYC, I was set up with a fax number for my Glass and sent my first fax back to Greg on the cab ride into Manhattan.

Amazing. And hilarious.

And yes, perhaps this is not a step forward for all of mankind.

But that’s the point. The origin of the modern day facsimile dates back nearly 100 years, and for better or worse, a statistically significant amount (albeit decreasing) of business in the marketplace is still contingent on fax technology.

Shouldn’t one of the most exciting personal communications technology innovations of our lifetime be backward compatible with legacy systems? I think yes.

And as such, I’m now accepting faxes on my face via #faxthroughglass.

Oh, and yes, there’s an app for that. This guy built one!

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