Want to read The Circle and meet me for coffee?

Based on a recommendation from Lauren Melcher, I read “The Circle” by Dave Eggers this month.

I highly recommend it. Frankly, I can’t stop thinking about the implications of the novel, and definitely think anyone working in our industry should read it. I see it as the Atlas Shrugged of our digital generation.

This comic here from the WSJ Speakeasy sums up the premise, plot and irony of such a book coming out right now. Except I disagree it’s that well written (the plot is great but Eggers’ sentence structure isn’t my favorite — just like Ayn Rands, come to think of it).

Fear-mongering aside, Eggers has his pulse on a very real and emergent trend related to connectivity, interaction and the subjective slippery slope of using connectivity tools for good and evil.

Anyway, if you do end up reading The Circle, let’s grab a coffee or beer or something and chat through the repercussions of connectivity and social interaction and what those mean to consumers, our clients and careers.