Guardian: The existential tension between content marketing and advertising

Without a captive audience then, there\’s no such thing as \’advertising\’ any more. Adverts are no longer separate, rarified entities that can be held in higher mystique by ad-land creatives – they\’re just a piece of content that may or may not be found by a consumer seeking to be entertained or informed. And, frankly, it needs to be good, interesting and relevant content if you want anyone to pay attention to it.

The most important question for content marketers and ad execs is not an existential one – is what we are creating content marketing or advertising – but one of utility: Is what we are creating helpful to consumers who are seeking information or entertainment to meet their own interests and needs?

Whether a content marketer or advertiser, those that can answer in the affirmative will surely excel in the increasingly blurry world of content marketing and advertising.

via The existential tension between content marketing and advertising | Media Network | Guardian Professional.