Digiday: Oreo Envy: The Real-Time Marketing Myth

As much as brand marketers acknowledge the need to be natural and communicate in an “authentic” voice, these event-glomming, Oreo-copying tweets don’t appear to be coming to an end anytime soon.

But perhaps a shift in perspective is on the horizon. As Britton sees it, the future of social media marketing should move from this obsession with real-time to what he calls “predictive” marketing.

“When it comes to events like the Emmys, the most entertaining tweets are going to be from your friends, not brands,” said Britton. “The next phase is about consumer predictions — taking the notion of big data and putting it toward predictability to have content out there before consumers are seeing it on TV or before everyone else is doing it.”

via Oreo Envy: The Real-Time Marketing Myth | Digiday.