The most exciting iPhone update from yesterday’s launch event: Apple’s M7 CoreMotion Processor

Those of us who see a future wrapped in wearable technology, smart sensors and applications that greatly increase the value of life, health, fitness, social interaction and innovation were pretty psyched about this portion of the iPhone announcements yesterday…

Today at Apple’s iPhone launch event they announced that the iPhone 5s will have a new motion-sensing co-processor chip called the M7. The chip will allow for measurement of motion data continuously letting apps know if you’re stationary, walking, or driving based on data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. It will also reduce battery drain.  Apple will also provide developers access to the chip via a new CoreMotion API which they believe will enable a new generation of health and fitness apps…

This is a great step to further advance the importance of sensors that can be used to help optimize our lives based on contextual data.

via Apple’s M7 CoreMotion Processor and What it Means for the Quantified Self | Lifestream Blog. (h/t Julien Blin)

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