GE on retiring the press release and fostering a culture of storytelling

It’s been said we’re all publishers these days. Journalism has certainly changed as the media landscape has shifted. You could argue there are no journalists anymore – because we’re all journalists. The barrier between media and society is disappearing – if it’s a good story, people don’t care where it came from. That’s a huge opportunity for brands to tell their own story…

But the culture inside the company is becoming hugely focused on storytelling. We have a CMO and CCO who have pushed us to focus on creating strong content and finding interesting ways to tell our story. Another colleague and I have been traveling around the company and holding writing workshops for our communicators. We teach storytelling – how do you put together an interesting narrative, like something you would read in a newspaper or a magazine. Now you have a chance to write the story yourself, so do it right.

An Interview with GEs Tomas Kellner

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