Foursquare’s Time Machine makes an infographic out of your over-shares

Greg Swan First Avenue

Back in the day, Dopplr used to give you an annual report of your data based on your travel footprint. They may still do this, but I stopped manually entering my trips into Dopplr years ago.

However, since July 2009 I’ve been “checking in” at locations across the country — more than 2600 places, actually — on Foursquare. And when you animate those checkins, categorize them and set them to a trippy instrumental soundtrack, you’ve got yourself an ego-feeding over-share frenzy of awesomeness.

As geolocation-based socnets evolve into maximizing ambient location (why should I have to check in if my phone knows where I am/was anyway?), look for even more of these big-data-meets-personal-data experiences.

Try it out: Foursquare Time Machine.

It even generates a shareable infographic:
foursquare infographic greg swan