Google+ Trumps Twitter as #2 social network?

networksLots of buzz in the hallways today about Google+ beating Twitter in popularity right now.

Seriously, two people mentioned it, and then someone emailed it around.

Google+ Trumps Twitter, Earning Second Place for Total US Social Networkers at eMarketer:

Google+, a social network which had been somewhat marginalized after a lackluster start, is proving itself in US user figures. The site had the second-highest number of account holders among both men and women, leading Twitter by approximately 10 percentage points for both genders. About one-quarter of male and female web users were on the site.

However, before we start pushing clients away from Twitter and into the abandoned circles that surround Google+, it’s important to look closer at the methodology.

This is based on a survey of over 2,500 adult US internet users and is based on registered accounts, not active users. It’s not the most scientific process to base such a headline. It also leads me to question at what point a Gmail user is introduced to/forced into Google+. It could be many Gmail users were forced into an account they’ll never use — and may not even realize they have.

Although I personally love Google+ and think it is a critical tool for SEO, brand reputation and Hangouts, it is certainly not a replacement for Pinterest and Twitter. Both of those networks have their own engagement feature sets and audience segments.

This data is interesting, but I would focus more on the Male/Female breakdown than the overall users when making client decisions.