We are all going to die, my friends

From the NYT Op Ed this week, You Are Going to Die:

You are older at this moment than you’ve ever been before, and it’s the youngest you’re ever going to get. The mortality rate is holding at a scandalous 100 percent. Pretending death can be indefinitely evaded with hot yoga or a gluten-free diet or antioxidants or just by refusing to look is craven denial.

When explaining the difference between whole and term life insurance policies, my agent put it this way, “There are who are betting they’re going to die and people bettering they’re going to live. It may some crass, but that’s what it comes down to.” Meaning people who are betting they will live buy whole life policies that earn value you can cash out later, and people betting they will die buy term policies that simply cover you for the term of the policy.

I’m betting I’m going to die. As a Christian, I’m not afraid of dying and am excited about the next stage. As a result, I haven’t shied away from discussion mortality, setting up my will and being sure people will be taken care of when I’m gone.

Although it’s a cliche, I think it’s also important to live like you’ll die tomorrow. Take chances. Enjoy every moment.

Are you prepared to die?