Tweets I would have posted if the wifi had been working on my flight to #sxsw

Captain: “We apologize, but it appears the GoGo wifi on this flight is not working.” 75 #sxsw geeks groan in unison.

Not like 75 #sxsw geeks would have made any use from all tapping the dripping faucet that is satellite wifi on planes.

Once again rocking the “Daft Punk Tron: Legacy Soundtrack” + Remix albums whilst flying. Some of the most productive music made for headphones ever.

The MS Word spelling dictionary doesn’t like “unphased” yet it will allow “impactful.” Gross.

I’ve opened my web browser no less than three times out of habit. #404fail

Absolutely did not bring enough dead tree reading material to be on a wifi-less flight. I may settle for organizing my desktop (GASP)

And I just opened my web browser again. Apparently I have the attention span of squirrel in late-October.

I have 18 emails in my Outbox queued up to send once we hit the tarmac. Set inboxes to “INCOMING FIRE”

Oh great, the dog in the lady’s purse behind me is getting restless. Maybe it wishes we had wifi, too.

And I just opened my web browser yet again.

It has been a very long time since I flew in a plane this long that didn’t cross into other time zones.

CST = the superior time zone. Tell your friends. Perhaps CST-rolling people will be the meme of #sxsw 2012.

If I’d known I wouldn’t have wifi, I would have pre-scheduled all of these tweets.

Then I could tweet things like, “Flying over Oklahoma panhandle. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it!”