In the Garden

Now I get why GW Bush loved clearing brush so much

Our yard in historic downtown Chaska is blessed with an abundant assortment of lilac trees and rows of garden phlox. The former required some extreme trimming due to their height hitting our power lines, so I went lumberjack on them in late October. The latter produces a significant amount of dead waste each fall, and I’m doing my best to kill it off one last time this year.

I spent about three hours this weekend removing those clippings that have just sat around the yard since just before the snow hit for the winter. I felt just like G.W. Bush famously clearing brush around the ranch. It’s always good to have a project with a tangible start and finish.

The result is 216 cubic feet of sticks sitting in my alleyway. Way too much to burn in our little firepit, too awkward to cut into three foot segments for yard waste removal, and the sticks are not enough substance to merit a Craigstlist ad for free firewood.

I may ask a friend if I can borrow his truck and take it to the Carver County Environmental Center. Bummer it’s going to be about $65 bucks to get rid of, though. It makes me wish I had some land outside of town. This stuff would burn in less than 30 minutes.

UPDATE: I put it on Craiglist. Ha. Let’s see if someone takes it.


  1. Bummer! Chaska’s spring clean up day was on May 7. You could have taken it to Athletic Park. They’ve never done a great job of publicizing the clean up days. I miss them more often than not.

  2. I agree they’ve done a poor job publicizing it, but I did know about it. The catch there is you have to have them cut to three foot sections and haul them down there, which would have been impossible for me.

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