I discovered the “catch” in Google Chrome’s free holiday GoGo wi-fi promo

The freemium option has limited bandwidth…

I actually found it quite difficult to log-in to my personal GoGo account to see how much GoGo Unlimited pricing was….$35/month = certainly not free.

A true freemium campaign should make it easy for me to upgrade my current account from the denial of service screen.

Because encountering a “Sorry, we’re limiting your internet” screen is extraordinarily frustrating (particular to a business travel with an e-mail inbox full of billable work) it should be as easy as possible for them to use the stick in the “carrot and stick” marketing strategy to take money from me in this situation.

But no. Not easy. Then I tried to just buy a one-day pass (thinking maybe that wouldn’t limit my usage), but I can’t report if that works since the payment system didn’t remember my billing information from my flight last week.

And since my wallet is in my jacket and since my jacket is in the overhead bin and since I’m in a window seat three people down from the aisle, I guess I’ll just stick with the freemium service for today.

GoGo is a NoGo. We’ll see if it opens back up enough for me to publish this post.