Wanted: Sleep – Dead or Alive

Go Vikings!

Two nights ago the new baby didn’t sleep. The. Entire. Night. Seven week old humans just do this sometimes.

My wife took the 10-2 shift, and I took the 2-7 shift. I got a tiny amount of worthless sleep. Suffice it to say, yesterday was interesting. But last night – oh last night she slept in four hour chunks, and I experienced glorious REM sleep….and a dream. A DREAM!

It’s been seven weeks without a full night’s sleep, and you reach a certain point in sleep deprivation when reality becomes surreal. You haven’t dreamed, so your brain starts doing weird things to rest during the day.

Sometimes I can’t speak. Literally words just don’t come out, or worse, the wrong words come out — like quoting song lyrics at the drive thru or reciting O Captain My Captain into someone’s voice mail.

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