Eden Prairie company creates gift boxes you’ll never throw away

Just got this pitch from PrankPack.com with an Eden Prairie cutline:

Today, 30 Watt announced the second in the 2010 line of genuine prank gift boxes with the launch of the Pet Petter, a fully-automated animal petting device. The Pet Petter helps busy/germophobic/apathetic pet owners enjoy their animals while giving them the love and affection they deserve from a safe distance.

Prank PacksTM are gift boxes that appear to house the most ridiculous products imaginable. “The real gift is placed inside, then wrapped.” said Nordby. “Then you just sit back, watch them open it and revel in their half-hearted enthusiasm!” “And with six box sides of unique humor, it gets passed around and really helps move Aunt Linda’s party along.”

“We understand that most gift boxes are boring and that gift bags are just plain evil. Therefore, we decided to continue to make Prank Packs in 2010,” said Arik Nordby, Creative Director at 30 Watt. Previously, Mr. Nordby teamed with The Onion to design the first ever fake gift boxes.

Whoa – these are so great…

I’m just so impressed. And of course, wishing these gifts were real and available for preschool fundraising. Another example of super clever and smart thinking coming from the Twin Cities.

Get them here.

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