Speaking at the Minnesota Blogger Conference

Photo courtesy of Missy Ward

I spoke on a panel about the relationship between public relations and bloggers at the first annual Minnesota Blogger Conference earlier this month. All four of us on the panels were bloggers, but only two of us were marketers who work with bloggers.

Photo courtesy of Missy Ward

The moderator focused heavily on product sampling, but Tony and I tried hard to shift the discussion to building relationships, fostering transparency and breeding authenticity — all while maintaining ethical integrity.

I think this sums up the primary take-away from the discussion:

As part of the day, I had the opportunity to chat about why I blog, my work as a marketer working in the social space, and more about Perfect Porridge, my music blog.

A great experience. Kudos to Arik Hanson and Missy Ward for organizing a fantastic event. When’s the next one? Hmmm?