Family Home Projects

Getting ready for the other woman in my life

We’re getting ready for our new baby daughter coming in less than three weeks.

One of the outstanding items on my to-do list was to paint a couple dressers. One of them I had painted yellow in anticipation of my son coming more than four years ago. It was surreal to have him “help” me paint the dressers to get ready for his little sister.

This dresser was originally painted bright red with wooden knobs. It cost $5 at a garage sale.

It took two coats of primer and two coats of white paint to get rid of the pink hue you get when you paint white over red. We topped it off with some pink flower handles for the drawers. I also hung that pink curtain up in lieu of a closet door with this cool hook my wife bought. It turned out pretty good.

This dresser was originally fake wood grain with gold plated handles. It was free at a garage sale.

I painted the entire thing white (drawers had been yellow) and spray painted the hideous golden handles a satin brown. It turned out really great.

Also, I did a whole bunch of laundry this week, including the new baby’s clothes, and boy was I surprised at the explosion of pink.

My white t-shirts need to be afraid – very afraid.

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