Canada is actually a different country

Outside the toilet paper folding report, I did actually spend some quality time in Toronto a couple weeks ago.

Although I know inherently that Canada is a different country, I wasn’t really prepared for international travel. Maybe it’s because Minnesota is so close to Canada. Maybe it’s because Toronto is so much like any American metro city. But things were a bit different.

For starters:
No clue how to read this

Also, I neglected to notify my cell provider that I was traveling internationally, and because it was Sunday, it took almost an hour negotiating between my employer and the network to get it turned on for international roaming.

And then I went up to the CN Tower – 1500 feet tall.

CN Tower

CN Tower

It was tall. Period.

View of downtown from CN Tower

Plane taking off, CN Tower

The visitor center boasted of all sorts of different records that had been broken…

Including some really impresive ones…like the record for World’s Longest Yodel.

Critical facts

There was a sweet glass floor you could walk on, too.

Glass floor, CN Tower

View through glass floor, CN Tower

Lake Ontario was gorgeous.

Schooner at Lake Ontario

Not all police in Canada ride horses.

Where's the horse?

Dundas Square is SWEET.

Busker in Dundas Square

And there were buskers galore…


Overall, a great trip. The city was clean, safe and walkable. I’d love to go back and spend more time in Toronto.