Air Conditioning = on

We turned our air conditioning on this week. I personally love sleeping with the windows open when it finally gets warm outside, but with my wife’s allergies we have to keep things closed up.

One of the first things we did when we bought our 120 year-old house was install air conditioning. In fact, we had the a/c folks come out in February to give us a quote so we could factor it into our budget (they thought we were crazy…especially in Minnesota…asking for an air conditioner quote in February). But with a pregnant wife and little baby, we thought it was an important investment to make

It’s definitely nice to have, but since the house wasn’t built for nor ducted for a/c, it’s not exactly the most efficient. The first floor gets very chilly and the second floor — where our bedrooms are — gets semi-cool, but definitely isn’t crisp. For one, there aren’t any cold air returns on the second floor, so the cold air blows up and that leaves the hot air nowhere to go.

Potential Project:
I talked to a guy about installing some manual vents, but I’m not a big fan of digging into century old, plaster-coated, load-bearing walls. My grandpa once rigged up an attic fan system to suck hot air out of an old house. We do have attic access in the upstairs hallway, but we just had the attic insulation topped off and that door sealed a year ago. I guess overall I’m not really up for that level of project this summer, but it’s something I’m thinking about almost every night.

So for now, until I’m ready for a re-ducting or venting project, we freeze in the living room and sleep under fans in the bedrooms. I think this sums it up the best…

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