SXSWORLD Magazine featuring Perfect Porridge and friends

SXSWORLD: March Music IssueI finally got my grubby hands on a copy of the March Music issue of SXSWORLD Magazine.

It features my article on music blogs based on The State of Music Blogs in 2010 SXSW panel and borrows heavily from my 20 part interview series on the subject.

You guys were all super smart, so I quoted lots of friends here, including Junkyard Empire, Paragraphs, Andrea Swensson, David De Young, Taylor Carik, Marni Wandner and Jesse Ervin.

Except for the crazy big pictures of Jesse and me (I sent them others, I swear!), it turned out pretty well.

Check it out (click to enlarge, so it’s not all blurry and crap):

SXSWORLD: Music Blogs, March Music Issue