Cuzzy’s stromboli

Very good. Spicy italian sausage, ham, cheese, tomatoes, onion cooked in a wood fire oven. Delicious.

Jen got a basic burger. Other than the pizza options, everything on the menu is basically Americana 101 and about $10. Nothing too snazzy, but also good margins for the owners (and hard to mess up).

And the waiting area is standing room only, which is never a bad thing. Tommy’s Malt Shop, by the closed 41 bridge, had a huge line, too. A great night for downtown Chaska restaurants.

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One thought on “Cuzzy’s stromboli

  1. My boyfriend and I ate at Cuzzy’s last night. The burgers wer good, but I was happy to hear that their current menu is just a starter menu. There was a ton of staff but it took forever to get our meals. Oh, and they weren’t offering the strombolis last night for some reason.

    I’m happy to have another option close by, and I was never overly impressed with the food at Pauly’s, but I probably won’t be back to Cuzzy’s for a few weeks…until they work the kinks out.

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