Look Mom, I’m on the Downtown Master Plan Task Force

I’m extremely passionate about downtown Chaska, its businesses and residents. Just last night I got into a 15 minute conversation with Brett, the owner of Tommy’s Malt Shop, about the signage requirements for downtown businesses, the parking issue and lack of riverfront development.

This month I was thrilled to be asked to join Chaska’s Downtown Master Plan Task Force, and I’m happy to report it was approved by the City Council Monday night.

From the Chaska Herald:

Fifteen members of the Downtown Master Plan Task Force were appointed Monday night. The task force will “provide guidance and recommendations to the city as it prepares the downtown master plan.” The group is expected to meet six to eight times over the next eight months.

Following the Dec. 21 kick-off meeting, city staff solicited interest from various stakeholder groups.

The task force members are: Rick Ford (representing the City Council and the Downtown Business Council), Mike Huang (Planning Commission and Commitment to Community), Debbie Boe (Heritage Preservation Committee), Dave Roan (Parks, Arts and Recreation Board), Kevin Norby (Commitment to Community and Downtown Business Council), Dan Keyport (Downtown Business Council and Planning Commission), Adella Pollack (Human Rights Commission and downtown resident), Greg Swan (downtown resident), Brian Betlock (resident), Stacey Harding (resident), Jim Hornecker (development community), John Prodzinski (Chaska business – Ridgeview Medical), Mike Senden (downtown institutions – Auburn Manor), Gary Van Eyll (faith-based community – Guardian Angels), Bob Roepke (faith-based community – St. John’s).

Let the fun begin!

p.s. If you’re interested in what we’ll be working on, here’s a 19 page concept brief on Chaska’s Downtown Revitalization Goals (pdf)

3 thoughts on “Look Mom, I’m on the Downtown Master Plan Task Force

  1. This is great! I’ve lived in downtown Chaska for 6-1/2 years and I’ve seen (some great) businesses come and go. The signage issue is, from my understanding, what drove Wuollet Bakery out several years ago…what a loss!

    Now that I’ve found your website, I’ll be checking in to see what residents can do to help. Perhaps there could be more communication about the task force. I’d not heard of it before I stumbled onto your site.


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