5 Better Must-Have Free Social Apps for BlackBerry

Mashable published their 5 must-have free social apps for Blackberry today (including well-duh apps like Facebook and Blackberry Messenger). I can do better.

Here are my five must-have free social apps for Blackberry:

  1. BuzzMe: enables your Blackberry to ring and vibrate at the same time (what a novel concept!). You can also set your LED indicator light to “disco” mode, which is always a plus. Paid version has even more features.
  2. FlashLight: turns your phone into a flashlight, which is great for finding your keys, getting dressed or emergency signaling in the dark. Choose from 8 colors and three levels of brightness.
  3. YouVersion Bible: pulls down your requested book or scripture from a server, which means the app isn’t very big. Also has daily reading program, sharing tools and a local live feature.
  4. QuickPull: allows you to reset your Blackberry without physically pulling the battery out. Since I like to run a ton of apps at once and rarely turn off my phone, a manual reboot seems to be about a once a week occurrence. This app is great for that.
  5. SocialScope Lite: blends the best in for reading/updating Twitter (multiple accounts), Facebook, FourSquare and Flickr. Plus, it has manual refresh – my favorite.

What are your must-haves?

2 thoughts on “5 Better Must-Have Free Social Apps for BlackBerry

  1. Ugh, I wish SocialScope wasn’t still in private beta. It sounds so useful!

    I haven’t found a ton of useful Blackberry apps, though I’m definitely going to check out that QuickPull one. I seem to have to pull out my battery at least once or twice a week.

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