Me Being Stupid

Laptop Sticker Cleanup

Covering my laptop with geeky social media stickers created me with an evolving techno-mural in the past couple years. The machine was huge — barely fit into the x-ray security tubs at the airport — and provided plenty of landscape for be-stickering.

Work laptop

In case you’re wondering, I’ve only been in a couple client meetings when I wished I didn’t have a “The Internet: All the Piracy, None of the Scurvy” sticker on my presentation laptop.

But today was new laptop day, I spent about 10 minutes fingernail-picking stickers off the beast. And then 10 minutes with Goo Gone trying to get the Peter Shankman/HARO sticker off. That thing was sticky!

Work laptop - unstickered

What did I do with the stickers? Oh, I made a collage for Doug Hamlin:
Laptop sticker collage

I’m now accepting sticker submissions for the new laptop. The snarkier the better.

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