Fencetacular project, Batman!

July 14, 2009 — 3 Comments

Rather than give us clothes or toys for the birth of our new son, my dad and step-mom offered to buy us lumber for a new backyard fence.

We have a great backyard, but it’s only fenced on three sides. The alley side was wide open, and my three year-old loves playing in the rocks right next to the alley where the pizza delivery folks buzz through.

looking west

Fence! Just needs stain

looking east

Fence! Just needs stain


The project took all day Saturday, half the day Sunday and a few hours Monday night. Now the boys are corralled. The boys say, “Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!”

More pictures here.


3 responses to Fencetacular project, Batman!


    is the basement finished? Why didn’t you drill down and run the water line along the basement ceiling and back up to the refrigerator?


    Completely finished.

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