Chaska Memorial Day: Short and Sweet

Chaska Memorial Day Parade

The City of Chaska held a Memorial Day Parade last weekend, and we were pumped.

According to the Chaska Herald, “The Memorial Day parade is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. The parade will zigzag its way from the Carver-Scott Educational Cooperative at Fourth and Ash Streets to end at City Square Park at Chestnut and Third Streets.”

They even printed a map.

But what it didn’t say was that the parade was going to last 7 minutes long (literally).

Three color guards, two bands, two Cub Scout troops, a Girl Scout troop, policemen and a fire truck. Don’t blink, people.

Chaska Memorial Day Parade

Chaska Memorial Day Parade

Chaska Memorial Day Parade

That was pretty much it.

It was fun for Grant and all, but I’ll admit we were a bit surprised when it ended so abruptly.

I was most disappointed for all the kids whose parents had them bring sacks for candy.

Here are some shots of Grant enjoying it, though. Those little flags are pretty fun.

We walked over to the City Square where the community had a very cool little ceremony, including musical performances, interpretive poems and a speech by the Mayor. Very all-American, eh?

Chaska Memorial Ceremony

Chaska Memorial Ceremony

Of course, Grant just wanted to “race,” so we spent most of the ceremony running back and forth the north lawn of the park.

Only one of the many freedoms for which our veterans fought so bravely.

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