Greg in Dallas

I stayed at the classy Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas this week. It was my second time at the hotel (this time room 901), and once again, the turn-down service came as early as 5 p.m.

The room artwork showcased giant portraits of kids playing on the famous grassy knoll:
Art at the Joule

When I travel, I spend a lot of time sitting at my hotel room desk and have been chronicling the quality of desk chairs for quite awhile now.

Here’s the desk:
Desk at Joule

And here’s the desk chair:
Desk Chair at Joule

It was entirely aesthetic: no lumbar, no height adjustment, no arm adjustment, etc. I pity the business person who has to sit at this desk and actually work. Straight up F.

And in the spirit of a TP Fold Report for my my pal Ed, I have a follow-up report from my October stay at the Joule….

Better or worse? I report, you decide…

TP Fold in October 2008
TP Fold at Joule Hotel

TP Fold in April 2009
TP Fold at Joule Hotel