Faxbook: The Fax-Based Social Network

Faxbook: The Fax-Based Social NetworkMy friend and UK colleague James Warren has been evangelizing his concept of Faxbook: The Fax-Based Social Network for about a month now.

So if this social network is going to get get going, I decided to make us a cover page to get things started.

Get the Faxbook Cover Page Here (pdf)http://bit.ly/FAXBOOK

I suggest you print it out and fax your contacts a friend request immediately.

If they will fax you back to accept, then you can start faxing each other status updates as frequently as possible.

If they don’t, well then maybe Faxbook is not for you.

The Faxbook friend requests and status updates have been rolling in today. Here’s today’s archive thus far.

It’s a fairly straightforward system. I essentially create a separate pile for each friend’s updates.

Not only does this help keep my desk clutter-free from an organizational perspective, it also makes “search” much easier.

What’s your Faxbook system?

Update 2:
Like Faxbook on Facebook

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