I’m moderating…

…the next MIMA event panel on Jan. 21. The topic is Digital Reputation Management.

Event Description:

Remember telephone? Where you’d say “apple” and it would come out the other end as “elbow fireworks”?

Well, these days, controlling your online reputation is akin to playing telephone. You’ve got to speak clearly. You’ve got to listen carefully. And if someone misrepresents your message, you’ve got to speak up. Sound easy enough? It’s not. With so many online communication channels – blogs, social networks, wikis – it’s getting harder to track who’s saying what.

But not to worry! We’re gathering some fine folks to talk through common problems, offer advice and answer your questions. Cool? Cool.

Panelists include:

* Tammy Lee Stanoch, VP Corporate Communications for NWA
* Lela Phommasouvanh, Senior Consultant, Search Marketing for FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters Business
* Dawn M Bryant, Manager, Corporate Public Relations for Best Buy, Inc.

We’ll discuss key issues related to online reputation management, including:

* SEO practices
* Active listening
* Response techniques
* Personal brand
* Customer and employee communities

You’ll walk away with practical tips and smart strategies you can put to use right away. If you’ve got clients, customers and competitors who A) know how to type B) have Internet connections, seriously, don’t miss this discussion.

Register here.