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I’m in NYC for the umpteenth time this year. I suppose I could check Dopplr to see how many times, but it’s been a lot.

Staying at the W New York on Lexington this trip.

The room is the size of a converted laundry room in a one story bungalow.
Room 924 at W NY

Here’s a TP report for my pal Ed:
TP Fold at W NY (Lexington)
Damn clumsy, if you ask me. But he’s the expert. And, I had trouble EVEN FINDING IT!
Where's the TP?

I’m going to start my own series on desk chairs. For business travelers, the chairs provided for travelers are the very most important part of a hotel room. I often go an entire stay without turning on the television, but I’m rarely in a room for more than 10 minutes without powering on my laptop and sitting at the desk for at least 30 minutes — and sometimes for hours and hours at a time.

Desk chair at W NY
The W Hotel NY gets a D+ for their desk chair. As you can see from the photo above, the chair has absolutely zero lumbar support. It’s virtually an “L” shape and although it does have height adjustment (thus the +), after sitting on an airplane for 3+ hours, I’m going to need more than a basic L curve to sit here for more than 5 minutes at one time.

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