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Backyard Treasure Hunting

I bought a house two months ago. One of the former owners worked at a greenhouse and has built up quite the garden in the backyard, complete with cucumbers, green peppers, grapes and myriad flowers, plants, etc.

I’ve spent more than 10 combined hours hacking it all down to get ready for winter, and I promise you anything that doesn’t come up on its own next spring is NOT getting replanted.

One of the fun parts of buying the home of people who’ve lived there 20+ years is the adventure of discovering long-lost treasures. Every time I hack into a bush, tree or clump of flower stems, I unearth hidden bounty!

Yesterday I discovered a small plastic box filled with ancient Hot Wheels. Earlier this week I discovered this creepy frog planter thing under a giant overgrown bush.
Creepy frog

Then there was this treasure — some sort of metallic flower windmill thing bured under a big bush (note: I have no idea about plant names, so they are either bushes, flowers or flower bushes). This one has sharp edges, so will probably need to go.
Flower? Windmill?

And we can’t forget the super classy toilet flower planter.
Toilet and birdbath

Former owners told us this is where the original outhouse used to be and warned us not to dig around it much. I think we’ll just leave it until spring.

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