Stampede in Downtown Dallas

October 23, 2008 — 1 Comment

I was in Dallas this week for work. In addition to filing a TP Report over at The Deets, I witnessed this outside the office…

To promote Texas Stampede Week in November, an actual cattle drive took place in downtown Dallas, Texas yesterday.

There were 100 head of longhorn cattle herded by a team of real-live, 7 foot tall cowboys (see below).

Being from Iowa, I’ve seen plenty of cattle up close, but I can’t recall ever being this close to longhorns. Those horns are nasty! I had to be careful taking pictures, because their horns came through the fence pretty quickly.

Here’s a shot of the cattle drive from the 16th floor of the Comerica Bank Tower:

There were clowns following behind on manure duty. Now there’s a job.

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One response to Stampede in Downtown Dallas


    See and you thought you were just coming in for a meeting….

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