@fakegregswan is born

Birthday Office

It was my birthday earlier this week. I was out for a family funeral.

It goes without saying carrying a casket on your birthday is surreal and not exactly on par with blowing out candles, so I can’t tell you how much it means to come back to work to find this! More office photos here.

Birthday Office

In addition, my coworkers set up a @fakegregswan Twitter account:

In celebration of Greg Swan’s birthday (but mostly his absence), we thought it would be great to give all of us a little something, to finally stick it to the man, get much needed transparency and blow off some steam along the way. With an overwhelming amount of pleasure I introduce you to @FakeGregSwan twitter account.

Not only do I *not* control what @fakegregswan says, I’m at a loss for words. Judging by some of the tweets, there must be some loving, pent-up Greg Swan angst in the office…

  • God I love Nickelback. I mean I really, really love them. They are the pinnacle of music. Theres God and then there’s Chad Kroger in my book
  • on my way to jazzercise class sporting my sweet new leapord-print leotard, rocking out to the new pussycat dolls album on my pink ipod nano
  • what can I get quoted in this week?

They even advertised it around the office:
Birthday Office

And the gift keeps giving, Thursday night I was at the second WCCO Bloginar, where they had a projector set up to show event-related tweets. And this showed up on the big screen…

  • fakegregswan: @wccobloginar WHO’S UP FOR ANOTHER BLOGGER BODYSHOT??!!

Just then, the internet crashed and the projector froze on this tweet for nearly 5 full minutes (as I faced puzzled looks from around the room).

Thanks again, guys! :)

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