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Ryan Evans for America: Don’t Change a Thing

Ryan Evans for America

At breakfast this morning I joined a random table and chatted up the guys sitting there. What luck!

I met Ryan Evans! YES – the Ryan Evans, who is seeking your vote. He promises to change…nothing!

Here’s his platform:

Don’t Change a Thing
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

You helped Ryan Evans get his job back. Now it’s time to help him save America. From change.

I strongly believe in the platform that I am running. Here are some details:

  • * Financial Situation: What financial situation? Don’t Change a Thing!
  • * Underwear: Four words – Don’t Change a Thing!
  • * Environment: The environment changes enough. Don’t Change a Thing!
  • * Social Security: Who needs money when they get old? Bill Gates doesn’t, why should you? Don’t Change a Thing!
  • * Your Mind: Let your mind do its own thing. You don’t need to change it. Don’t Change a Thing!

He also is handing out non-traditional swag, including t-shirts and the “Official Ryan Evans for America Fruit Roll-up”
Ryan Evans for America Fruit Rollup

And a close-up:
Ryan Evans for America Fruit Rollup

Super great guy, and most importantly, he’s for promoting the status quo. Learn more here.


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