Hurricane Blog Buzz (August 31-September 7)

Cross-posted from Social Studies:

Above is a graph I pulled from Radian6 to see how prevalent blogsphere buzz has been surrounding the recent/anticipated hurricanes in the past week.

Unsurprisingly, Hurricane Katrina, the worst hurricane our generation has witnessed, has been a theme of note throughout the past week.

It’s interesting to see entries regarding Hurricane Gustav fall off over the weekend and posts about Hurricane Ike picking up, and although New Orleans was frequently mentioned through Thursday, now Florida is getting more mentions.

I threw in Republican National Convention (RNC) and gas/fuel/gasoline as it relates to the coverage, and you can track some complementary bumps as bloggers mention how the severe weather has impacted both politics and the economy.

My favorite anecodotal observation: you can see a big drop in postings over Labor Day (Sept 1) while everyone — including me — was out fishing.