I’m speaking…

On a panel at a Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) event this Wednesday, July 16 at 6 p.m. at the lovely International Market Square in Minneapolis.

The panel is titled “Too Much Information? Surviving Data Overload,” and promises to be very educational. I’m planning to learn more than anyone.

From MIMA’s event description:

Juicy blogs. Sweet tweets. Fresh, hot analytics. Today’s Internet is a virtual all-you-can-google buffet. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Well, no more. Come learn how to manage all your information sources, and sift the gold from hundreds of options out there.We’re bringing together a group of fine folks to dish about how they filter through the onslaught of RSS, email newsletters, Google Alerts and other research to find truly useful information, fast.

Also speaking on the panel is Garrick Van Buren, president of Working Pathways and developer of Cullect; Alisa Coddington, knowledge specialist at Carmichael Lynch; Mike Keliher, Provident Partners PR practice manager; and Tim Brunelle, founder and creative director at Hello Viking.

Register here. If you can’t make it, stream it live here.