Perfect Porridge featured on hushhush ATTACK!


Thanks to the peeps over at hushhush ATTACK! for the shout-out.

Alright, here’s today’s trivia question that carries no prize, no reward and certainly no recognition for the handful of people who can actually get it right… What is the most northern point in the continental United States? Go on; think about it for a minute… I’m sure many of you are saying that it’s either Washington or Maine, but you’re wrong. What state does Atmosphere spit rhymes about in his track “Shh… (Slug)”? Okay that wasn’t a good hint, how about the state where Bob Dylan set sail from prior to his journey to becoming an icon? Land of 10,000 lakes? That’s right, it’s Minnesota…

Now that we have the infamous-yet-annoying-long-blog-intro out of the way, let’s get down to business. Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based Perfect Porridge is pure blog bliss, that’s right.. I said it, pure blog bliss. I almost didn’t want to write about it because I like it so much and thought I should keep it for myself but then I realized that there is indeed enough of this blog to go around. We chatted it up with the blog’s Music Editor Greg Swan and found that he started out writing for a Des Moines alternative newspaper and also co-founded a statewide arts magazine before started his blog. Currently he’s digging Great Northern, Eastern Conference Champions and The Annuals, so do your homework before you bombard him with your crappy demos or baby bands. Whatever you do, tell him that hhA! sent ya, over and out.