Perfect Porridge in Pulse Magazine

My music blog, Perfect Porridge, is highlighted in Pulse Magazine’s cover story on the digital music revolution this week – mentioned alongside Gorilla vs. Bear, Salon’s Audiofile, Brooklyn Vegan and CokeMachineGlow!

Here’s what they had to say:
Perfect Porridge ( – For those of you who are locally-inclined, Greg Swan’s Perfect Porridge successfully blends coverage of Twin Cities bands his most recent (local feature was on Popcycle and their new release, Major Changes / Minor Chords) with coverage of the latest national releases (Australian maybe-It band Van She got a review the same day as Popcycle). It’s a formula that’s always seemed like a good idea to me: Local bands get exposure to people who are looking for national coverage, and nothing makes those bands look better than holding them up to the same standards as the national releases. Expect streaming audio from bands and also a whole bunch of contests. Winning stuff is the kind of interactivity everyone can get behind.