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iPod Video story featuring yours truly

I was interviewed for Julio Ojeda-Zapata’s Pioneer Press story today about video iPods and conversion. Here’s the best part of the story, a full rundown of converters and content sites:

Video to iPod: software and tutorials
Video conversions: Apple QuickTime (, Videora (http://www., PSP Video 9 for Windows (http://www.pspvideo9. com), Crazi Video (http://www., Podner for Mac (, ffmpegX for Mac (http://homepage.mac. com/major4)

DVD conversions: Pocket DVD Studio (, HandBrake (http://HandBrake., Pocket DVD Wizard (, Video Vault (, Super DVD to iPod Converter (

TV-show transfers: MyTV ToGo (, EyeTV for Mac (http://www.elgato. com), TiVo (, TVHarmony AutoPilot (

Video downloads (parents, monitor use by kids because not all content is family fare): Apple iTunes video podcasts (, Minnesota Stories (, http://Guba (, (, Blinx (, Vodcasts TV (, Heavy (, Despair Inc. (, Yahoo Video Search (

UPDATE: I just found this guide from that has can’t-miss videocast feeds — Ten Essentials for your video iPod

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